U-Multirank Data Access: Terms and Conditions


By submitting the registration form the user confirms that he/she accepts the general conditions of use. Registration is valid until the next data release when users will need to re-register if they wish to continue to access U-Multirank data.

General conditions of use

The person to whom U-Multirank makes one or more dataset files available (hereafter ‘the user’), declares that he/she agrees with the following conditions of use of U-Multirank data.

  1. Acknowledgment of U-Multirank when using U-Multirank data in publications

The user shall always include a reference to the use of U-Multirank data in the research results that he/she publishes, in whichever form, where use is made of digital data originating from one of the datasets of U-Multirank.

  1. Distribution or disclosure of the dataset

The user undertakes not to distribute or disclose the entire dataset or substantial parts thereof to a third party. In such cases, the third party should register as a user and download the data from U-Multirank.

  1. Publications

The user agrees to provide U-Multirank with the bibliographical details of all printed or digital publications that contain data from a U-Multirank dataset. Issues with an internationally recognised standard identification number, such as ISBN, ISSN or DOI are understood as publications. If the publication is available via the Internet, the user shall forward the URL to U-Multirank (to be sent to info@umultirank.org ). (This condition is to enable U-Multirank to evaluate the impact of its open access policy.)

  1. Content liability

U-Multirank is in no way whatsoever liable for the content or accompanying documentation of the dataset. U-Multirank is not liable for substantive errors or for incorrect conclusions based on the data. The user is requested, however, to inform U-Multirank of any errors in the database as soon as these are discovered. U-Multirank shall not be made liable for any transformation and calculation of data made by the user.

  1. Non-compliance with the Conditions of Use

In the case of non-compliance with one of these Conditions of Use, the use of the dataset must be terminated immediately on demand by U-Multirank. These measures do not prejudice the competence of U-Multirank, in the event of non-compliance or insufficient compliance with these Conditions of Use, to bring an action against the user.  The user indemnifies U-Multirank against all claims other parties may bring against U-Multirank as a direct or indirect result of the fact that the user has not or has incompletely taken these Conditions of Use into consideration.

  1. Personal data of the user

U-Multirank undertakes not to disclose the personal data of users to third parties or to make this public. The user agrees however that his or her personal data (anonymised) are saved to monitor the data download, and may be used for internal user research at U-Multirank (for example, analyses of users by country, type of organisation etc.).  

  1. Applicable law

German law is applicable to these Conditions of Use.

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